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LCD Monitor
  • Curved LCD Monitor
    LED lights bar for surrounding display, 10-touch PCAP designed, best for gaming machine in Casino market.
  • Bike Screen
    Bike screen is a kind of product designed for indoor exercise bike and treadmills. It helps the users to enjoy the exercise with different circumstance screen, making the feeling like outdoor exercise.
  • Curved touch display
    32" 43" 49" 55" are available. Kontech 4K curved touch display is a kind of product designed for games, high-end places and gambling, such as self-service terminal, game machine, gambling etc.
  • Open Frame Monitor
    Available size: 15.6inch, 18.5inch, 21.5inch, 23.6inch, 27inch, 31.5inch, 43inch, 49inch, 55inch, 65inch. Kontech Open frame monitor perfectly to use in Gaming machine, Kiosk, vending machine and interactive terminals.