Financial bank

Digital Signage is becoming more and more popular, and market demand is increasing, especially in places with huge information circulation such as banks, securities companies, and financial institutions. It takes a long time to display various interest rates, transactions, and product information, and there are often many customers waiting in line. Most of them don’t know much about the diverse service information of financial institutions. The emergence of digital signage is to a large extent Solve the problem of information classification release and promotion. In view of the particularity of the financial industry, Kontech’s specially designed solution is to use a vertical advertising machine in the welcome area to first serve as a welcome screen, attract customers’ attention, and also show some promotional information to passing consumers. The display equipment in the waiting area can also play a good role in publicity, and touch query products can effectively provide users with convenience (self-service business processing) and provide an interactive experience.

Recommended Products:

Lobby welcome area: E-Poster

Lobby waiting area: Wall-mounted advertising display

Lobby financial management area: touch inquiry machine

VIP waiting area: Wall-mounted advertising display

Self-service area: touch inquiry machine 


                              Floor standing display                                         E-Poster                                Wall-mounted advertising display                     Touch inquiry machine