Digital display in retail stores

Kontech smart retail digital signage is an intelligent terminal for companies to enhance their brand image, and can become a real communication channel between brands and customers, and shape the brand image.

Function application:
1. Retail digital signage display solutions can change the way brands are promoted. It replaces traditional poster advertisements with digital posters and advertising videos, which can realize a full range of brand image promotion and product information promotion. It has the characteristics of large amount of information and convenient advertisement replacement, without the need for large-scale, long-term printing of promotional materials. This can not only reduce the comprehensive cost of brand promotion and product promotion, but also effectively improve the promotion efficiency of brand image.
2. This solution can build a brand new advertising media platform. It can replace original poster advertisements on the market with digital posters and advertising videos, thereby improving advertising efficiency and the value of advertising platforms, and bringing advertising revenue.
3. By using the advertising platform, the solution can achieve the establishment and promotion of market brands. It can realize the distribution of information on the market. The system can also provide management services for market operations and provide customers with shopping information. The value of market brands and services can be effectively improved.
4. Display solutions can improve the quality of personalized services. By using the self-service machine, it can provide personalized guidance services, such as shopping guides in shopping centers, booking of promotional information, payment, printing and other services.

Recommended Products:
Counter area: Floor standing display, E-Poster                      
Cashier area: Floor standing display, Wall-mounted advertising display     
Product display area: Wall-mounted advertising display     


                                                                  Floor standing display                                       E-Poster                                 Wall-mounted advertising display