Keep innovating, deliver value, dreams will come closer

Keep innovating, deliver value, dreams will come closer

Publish: 2022-11-01 14:27:41 Update: 2022-11-01 14:35:50 View: 649

Innovation is the power source for the survival and development of enterprises, the key factor for enterprises adapt to competition and enhance vitality, and the basis of the foundation.

From July to October this year, with the high attention of the company and the active participation of all staff, Kontech's innovation work and achievement transformation have achieved remarkable results. We look back and summarize this summer full of opportunities and challenges: The customized desktop all-in-one display for Shu Yi shaoxianchao has been gradually installed in stores nationwide. Officially authorized by Google TV system. The successful release of industry-leading new products such as high brightness video wall and high brightness digital signage......


Along the way, we have witnessed the stunning metamorphosis of Kontech display towards diversity and comprehensiveness.

With medals, record each month of metamorphosis and growth

In order to encourage innovation and recognition of the advanced, Kontech set up monthly special awards for employees with outstanding performance and significant contributions in their respective jobs, involving R&D innovation, customer service, marketing, manufacturing, quality control, personnel management and many other systems. Every growth is the result of the hard work of all Kontech staff, and every breakthrough is a prospect of the company's future goals. The monthly special awards are an opportunity to honor excellence and inspire momentum, passing on the spirit of innovation from generation to generation.

From July to October, four of our outstanding employees were awarded the medals. They are senior engineer in the field of display, professional sales manager, new staff who has joined Kontech for over a year, experienced staff who has accompanied Kontech from its inception to the present. Kontech not only values those outstanding and innovative employees, but also encourages new employees to actively show themselves and provide them with a stage for growth.

 Medal Review

In July, Christ, a senior engineer in the R&D team, awarded the Best Design Innovation Award. With his professional R&D ability and outstanding innovation, he successfully adapted the Google TV system to Kontech's display products within a short period of time after Konetch was officially granted the right to use the Google TV system.


In August, Monica from the sales team was awarded the Most Favorable Sales. With a positive rating of nearly 100% in the first half of 2022 for customer service, she was the most trusted sales representative.


In September, Jan from the sales team was awarded the Outstanding New Sales Staff. She achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 10 million in annual sales within the first year of joining Kontech, making her most outstanding new sales.


In October, Carr, a senior engineer from the R&D team, awarded the Design Innovation Award. He led and participated in the design of a new generation of high-brightness video wall (Window Displays), product quality through the appraisal, in terms of performance and appearance to reach the international leading level.


  The next awardee is in place

In the process of growing towards the goal of "becoming the world's No.1", we will face many inevitable difficulties and challenges, it’s up to every one of Kontech to think and work hard to face these challenges, break out of our comfort zone and make the right choices.

Everyone has untapped potential and unlighted dreams. As we approach the end of our journey in 2022, let's take these courageous and innovative companions as our targets, challenge ourselves, take action and make a difference in the world.