The price factors of the open frame lcd monitor

The price factors of the open frame lcd monitor

Publish: 2022-04-07 17:58:38 View: 1000

In recent years, with the continuous development of touch screen technology, the technology is getting better and better, and there are more and more industrial applications. Secondly, the industrial control all-in-one computer with touch screen open frame monitor has a more fashionable appearance design. In addition, in terms of operation It is also very simple, and the performance stability is also very good. Then, many people will ask, how to decide the price of the touch industrial control all-in-one machine? How do you know if the touch industrial control machine you bought is expensive? Let's take a look at the factors that determine the price of the touch industrial computer.

About the open frame LCD monitor price, the key changes according to the size of the device and the difference in the configuration of the computer host. Usually, the larger the size, the better the configuration, and the higher the price. However, some of the brand products with the same size configuration but a lot lower price on the market have quality problems. Consumers, the price of open frame monitor control all-in-one machine is also more concerned by everyone.

Although there are many factors that affect the price, the key factors that affect the price of the open frame LCD monitor can be divided into four points: display screen brand,screen size, system configuration, and touch screen.

1. Display brand and type

At this stage, there are many types of displays of many brands on the market, among which LED displays and LCD displays are used more. The two display screens also have different prices, so the price of the touch screen all-in-one machine will be different if you choose different types and brands of display screens.

2. Screen size

At this stage, the open frame monitor all-in-one products on the market use a LCD display. No matter what kind of liquid crystal display it is, its price is determined according to the size. The bigger the size, the higher the price. The same quality LCD screen generally does not appear that the price of the large size is lower than the price of the small size.

3. System configuration

Configuration is also a key factor affecting its price. The height of the configuration will directly determine the running speed of the touch screen all-in-one, and it will also affect the user experience. Because the higher the configuration, the higher the price of the all-in-one machine. The hardware configuration can be divided into: CPU, motherboard, memory, hard disk, radiator, audio, etc. The price depends on their configuration and quality. The price of imported accessories is definitely higher than that of bulk.

4. Touch screen

There are many types of open frame LCD monitors on the market at this stage, including infrared touch screens, capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens and nano-touch screens, etc. However, only infrared and capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines are suitable, and capacitance is only suitable for small touch screens. size, infrared can be applied to large size.

The price of the touch industrial control all-in-one machine is mainly determined by the above four aspects, but the touch industrial control all-in-one machine generally needs to be used together with software. The quality of the software and the strength of the function will affect the price of the open frame monitor control all-in-one machine. Generally, standard products can meet your needs.