Kontech intelligent advertising machine is applied to Miqi cake shop

Kontech intelligent advertising machine is applied to Miqi cake shop

Publish: 2015-07-23 14:47:56 Update: 2021-04-27 09:25:40 View: 2913

In order to adapt to the unified management environment of the cake chain industry, the use of advanced networked communication and digital media broadcasting platforms to release information at any time has become the first choice for many chain industries to improve their business capabilities and service quality.

         Kontech smart poster machine is a multimedia advertising machine that can play high-definition video, pictures, music, and text at the same time. It combines advanced electronic technology and network technology. Its nearly perfect high-definition, high-quality playback effect is far better than Traditional posters, roll-up banners, light boxes and other media. With continuous scrolling, massive information display, remote control, instant information release, split-screen playback, etc., coupled with a novel and stylish appearance, these features are in line with the requirements of modern public propaganda.

         Digital signage will surely become the mainstream media for public display and publicity in the future. The Kontech smart poster machine can display product information to customers more clearly, more eye-catchingly, more standardized and more effective. Advertisement information can be released remotely and instantaneously through the network, so that all display terminals form a powerful information release platform.

Kontech smart poster machine has played a pivotal role in modern business:
1. Promote customers' impulse to buy and increase the turnover of catering.
2. Make a good interactive relationship between customers and catering companies.
3. Launch digital posters suitable for festivals in line with the season.
4. Introduce products on behalf of the staff at the outlets.
5. Quickly and flexibly show the strengths that other media cannot show.
6. Save manpower and reduce expenditure.
7. Attract customers' attention to the product.
8. Create a relaxed atmosphere for customers to freely choose products.